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One of our hand-built, wood-fired kilns where we fire our pottery 12 hours or more at temperatures in excess of 2500 degrees F

Because our pottery is crafted by hand, no two pieces are ever alike.  Our family’s work is truly Old Mexico, and evokes a time and place where simplicity, elegance and functionality trumped flash and fancy marketing. Our commitment to quality is simple: we guarantee our work and stand behind it 100 percent.

High-fired Means Lasting, Freeze-Resistant Beauty

We fire our pottery in hand-built, wood-fired kilns for a minimum of 12 hours at very high temperatures. The sand that is mixed with our mineral-rich clay essentially melts, sealing the pots’ “pores,” which creates a water-tight product that is guaranteed to be freeze-resistant. As long as the pot has good drainage, they can be used outdoors, year ‘round in any climate. We know. We’ve tested them for years in the Midwest, the Northeast, the Northwest and right here at home in the high desert of Silver City, New Mexico, where temperatures drop to zero every winter!


Two of our designs photographed in January, 2013, after six seasons in
southwest Michigan.

The pottery of Regalos de la Tierra is one-of-a-kind. You’ll notice darkened areas amid the rosy orange color of the pots. These are fire clouds, where the flames from the wood-fired kiln touched the pot during the firing process. Much of the unique coloration comes from the native wood, Huamuchil, which has a dark red core.

Many of our designs are very old, and were used originally for things like water and food storage. Today, you’ll still find our ollas and casuelas used for cooking over an open fire, and our water pitchers on the traditional Zapotec table. We use ours primarily for making Mexican chocolate – yum! Keep an eye on our blog posts for some of our favorite recipes!


A Zapotec woman cooks estofado, a wedding tradition, over an open fire
in a handmade olla.

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